Home Allergy Tips: Forced Air Heating

January 4, 2010

Forced air heating systems work by transmitting warm air from a central heating source (furnace) to various rooms in your house through a series of ventilation ducts.  If there is any break in the continuity of the ventilation duct  system, or if the central heating source is not equipped with a HEPA filtered air purifier, these ducts can easily become contaminated with mold, dust particles, insect carcasses, insect droppings or even mice and mouse droppings.   I’m sorry if this sounds disgusting, but it is true.  You can avoid circulating these allergens throughout your home by professionally cleaning your ventilation duct system on a regular basis, inspecting and repairing any small breaks in the system and installing a HEPA filtered air purifier onto the furnace.   The quality of air in your home will be improved and the allergen level will be greatly diminished when these steps are taken.


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