Cat And Dog Allergy: Did You Know….

January 17, 2010

Did you know that cat and dog allergen can be present in environments where there are no cats or dogs?  Studies looking at allergens in day care centers and schools have shown that significant levels of cat and dog allergen can be present in those settings.  It is thought that children with cats and dogs in the home bring the allergens to school mainly on their clothing.  They can also bring them in on their hair.  Studies have shown that the level of cat or dog allergen in schools and day care centers correlate directly with the number of students and staff who have these animals at home.  Carpeting can act as a reservoir for these allergens and levels of allergens are higher in carpeted or upholstered areas.

Children can unknowingly become allergic as a result of this type of exposure and children who are already allergic can develop symptoms from exposure in this way.


2 Responses to “Cat And Dog Allergy: Did You Know….”

  1. Yes it is right, that students can carry the allergen from the home from the pets. So this way other students are also get affected by allergies.

    The parents should take good care of the children having pets at home.

    Good post…


  2. Thanks. It is good to know someone is reading this. I just started the blog and sometimes I think I am the only one who has seen the entries.

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