Sunblock For Sensitive Skin

April 2, 2010

Many people with atopic dermatitis or eczema have difficulty finding sunscreen that does not irritate their skin.   For those with very sensitive skin I recommend products that contain the sunblocks zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.   Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are both sun blocks, so they do not need to interact with the skin on a chemical basis in order to do the job of protecting against the sun’s UVA and UVB rays.   The main downside to these products is the fact that they usually do leave you with a slight whitish hue when applied to the skin.

Look for zinc oxide and titanium dioxide in the list of active ingredients.  If there are other active ingredients listed, then the sunscreen you are looking at is not one that contains only zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide.  If you have food allergies, it is also important to take a look at the list of inactive ingredients as there might be vegetable, nut or fruit products included.   If you are picking out a sunscreen for an infant or young child you should always get one that does not include food products as introduction of food products through the skin can increase the risk of a child developing food allergies.

The following is a partial list of products that contain only zinc oxide and/or titanium as their active ingredients:

– Blue Lizard Baby

– Vanicream SPF 60 Sensitive Sunscreen

– Fallene COTZ SPF 58

– Neutrogena Pure and Free Baby Sunblock

Please remember that if you have atopic dermatitis or eczema, it is extremely important to wash the sunscreen off and moisturize when you get out of the sun at the end of the day.  Sunscreen products tend to dry the skin and going to bed with sunscreen on your skin can lead to extreme dryness in the morning.


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