Pollen Counts and Mold Spores

April 6, 2010

From early spring through late fall various pollens and mold spores cause allergic symptoms for people with allergies.  There are two good websites that you can reference to find out what the pollen or mold spore count is in your area on any particular day.   This information is helpful for people with allergies because it can help guide you with regard to medication needs.  I encourage you to check them out.

www.pollen.com: In addition to listing the pollen counts and the specific types of pollens contributing to the count for a particular day, this website also provides a forecast of what you can expect over the next several days.

www.aaaai.org/nab: This is the National Allergy Bureau (nab) website hosted by the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (aaaai).


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