Do Not Delay: More Evidence Against Delaying The Introduction Of Foods In Infants

April 23, 2011

There is increasing evidence that delaying the introduction of foods in infants contributes to an increased risk of developing food allergy.  A recent study of 2,589 infants showed that delaying the introduction of egg into the diet of infants results in an increased risk of egg allergy.  The odds ratio of developing egg allergy was 3.4 in the group that had egg introduced into the diet at greater than 12 months of age compared to those with egg introduced at 4-6 months of age.  An odds ratio greater than 1 means that the outcome is more common in that group.  See related  blog entries from 12/15/10 and 4/18/10.

Note: The content of this blog is for informational purposes only and is not meant as specific medical advice for a specific person.   If you have a medical problem, please contact your doctor.


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